Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're Going On A St. Patrick's Day Adventure

Daniel is taking us for a mini getaway to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and check #14 off of my 34 before 35 list. We're going to stay at a beach cabin in La Push, Washington.
We are going to be without cell phones, Internet, and television and we are super excited about the mini break from the day to day.

The pretty scarf was a gift from my friend Tiffany.
I've been saving it to wear on St. Patrick's Day but Bono beat me to it this morning.
We can't wait to see Bono Baby tip toe on the Washington seashore.

We will miss you for two whole days.

Kitty, Daniel, and Bono Baby


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

yay, I hope you all have so much fun!

ilovemyhouse said...

I sooo miss your country when i see where you are going!have fun.x

Anonymous said...

have a great mini vaca, Kat!

Unknown said...

stay warm dear friend and have so much fun!! glad babe bono Loves the scarf too!!lots 'o <3!

lindsey said...

i love love love that you are crossing this off your list. have fun exploring. that scarf is to die for!


Anonymous said...

LA PUSH?? LA PUSH!! Take pics spidey monkey!


Claire Nouveau said...

happy st patties day! hope you havei a glorious time!
Mamushka Marie

Kristen said...

La Push Baby! How very Twilighty of you! Let us know if there are any werewolf sightings! :) Have fun, I love that you are crossing things off your list!

Katherine said...

How fun for you guys! It's always good to get away.

Amy said...


Retro Plants said...

La Push?
could you bring back Jacob Black with you?
now that would be some Happy Mail!

i have to say. . . i LOVE the spider monkey comment that someone left above! i was thinking the SAME thing!
my hubby ALWAYS makes fun of that line in the movie. . . and he has EVERY right too! ha!

lots of love and be safe. . .
remember. . . jumping off cliffs is NEVER a good idea! ha! ;)

*oh* can't wait to see your pics. . . yay!