Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Trip To The Sea

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
We have been busy treasure hunting and we scored big time.
Happy times.
We also watched Paris 36.
It was slow to get going but oh, so pretty.
A Netflix goodie.
Give this a watch.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

p.s. My blog address has changed.
I like it alot.


Claire Nouveau said...

ooo i wonder what you found? :) sounds like a lovely weekend, we had a 70s theme party last night for my roommate and i think i drank a little too much wine! :) going to see my grandmother today, it's her 75th birthday! think i'll have to check out that film paris36, i love a good foreign flick, especially a french one!

Mamushka Marie

Clara Campelo said...

amazing post!
great blog.

Unknown said...

I spent my weekend working but my jobs rather fun especially when I work with my favorite people... I also watched a few movies playing on cable... but one of my favorite adventures this week was with my friend Cameron.. we went to a little music store in lehi to buy a duet for piano for him and his mom... next we went to Zupas...It's a really good soup/salads/panini place... we love it! then he tried to teach me a duet(which he successfully taught his 8yr old niece... I didn't do so well but I'm practicing...haha)next we attempted to watch Sweeney Todd... I really like the music from it... and i LOVE Johnny Depp... this is probably my favorite song... <3 Ya!!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear dear Kat,
Thank you SO much for the 'happy mail.' It is one of the best packages I've ever received! I love it so much, it is going in a blog entry! I had a bad day at work and you brought a smile to my face. Thanks so much! And congrats on the new URL, so fun!

Kristen said...

K- talk to me about switching to .com - I spent my weekend doing Olsen things with the Olsens - Dan's sister just got home from her mission in Spain and his other sister is leaving for her mission next month. Busy.
Miss you, K

Katherine said...

I spent the weekend doing lots of church things. Tyler had his first pinewood derby. That was really fun. He placed 4th out of 12---not too bad for the new guy.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your domain namesake, Kat!