Monday, March 01, 2010

My Happy Monday List

1. This short stop-motion film found via Black Eiffel.
2. Breaking in my new shoes (I'm running out of Hello Kitty band aids).
3. Salt and Pepper Rice Cakes
4. Making care packages for people I care about.
5. Painting my new table which I hope to share with you soon.
6. Cheering my Daniel on.
7. Setting up my photo set for our shop.
8. Long chit chat's with my Mommy.
9. Walking Bono Baby while not wearing my new shoes.
10. Dreaming of our future.

What made you happy today?


Giuli said...

1. Drinking a blended rootbeer float.
2. The nice exhausted feeling you get after exercising.
3. Cuddling with my wiggly Max.
4. Watching Jack get a growling Max out from under our bed by playing the recorder--loudly.
5. Listening to 18 obnoxious sounding beginning band students playing instruments.

Retro Plants said...

Happy Monday dear!

1. reading your blog. :)
2. making "kawaii" goodies!
3. tucking the girls in bed and reading night time stories!
4. having my hubby come home from a LONG day of school (him) and kid watching (me!) tee hee!
5. eating brownies.

xoxo Karli

jessie b said...

the video reminds me of a you tube one i saw in the same style...featured on her bed. and also reminds me of a regina spektor video. (who i adore)