Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poetry is a pretty big deal in our little dollhouse.
Above is a photo of Theodore Roethke.
He was Dan's major figure for his comprehensive exams.
In honor of National Poetry Month, Dan is going to write a poem a day.
The exciting thing is that he is going to let me pick a poem a week to share with you,
my dear friends.
I can't wait.
Dan tells me I am his muse.
So, I'll be busy this month.

p.s. If this post looks familiar to you, it means you have been keeping up with me for a year.
How cool is that?

Wish me luck with my MUSE position.
Today, I wore make-up for the first time in two weeks.
Hotsy Totsy!


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

yay, I can't wait to read all of Dan's poems! I think you are a natural muse. :)

Kristen said...

What? No make up for a month? Insane and unimaginable around here.

ps..I'm having a giveaway and no one is signing up. Boo hoo.

diane said...

how wonderful to be a muse!

i know you will be a smashing success in the role.

poetry makes me super happy! we used an e.e.cummings poem in our wedding.

prior to this post, i did not know it was poetry month. thus, you have inspired me.

see?!? you're great at this muse thing. :)

Katherine said...

Makeup?---ooh la la. I'm excited to read Dan's poems. I really haven't read that many.