Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Giveaway For Our Precious Readers

Dear Readers,
We made it to 50 followers and this made us feel super special.
Thank you for being so wonderful and helping us through our days.
(I'm saying us because everything I do includes my Daniel and Bono Baby.)
To thank you for being part of our lives, we are having a giveaway.
The lucky winner will get a care package from me.
One of the treasures included will be our favorite Black Apple kids, Little Red and Wolf Boy
(I like to think that I'm Little Red and Daniel is Wolf Boy).
To enter leave a comment telling us about your favorite book.
Bono Baby will pick the winner on Friday (March 12th) night.

p.s. Our Bono Baby has been feeling under the weather this weekend.
We think he is on the mend (he's almost at 100%) but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
He means everything to our family.


Unknown said...

i know i sound like such a nerd but i really liked new moon the second time around... i like how its a story about love... not just romantic love but friend/family love... as i heard it put once... there are as many types of love as there are moments in time(Mansfield park) Love <3!

felicia said...

OMG! Bono is sooo gorgewha! {as my friend and i say} And like all other beauty furry babies - i want to eat him up! I have two furry babies too Kitty! Poppy the hedgehog and Daisy the lionhead rabbit! Daisy is our newest adoption - she's only been with us just over a week. Maybe she can pick a winner when I do another giveaway!
OK....fave book. oh man. this is tough.
I don't really read books more than once, even if I adore them. One book that means loads to me is Where The Wild Things Are. If I had to pick a fave of all time, that would be it.
Gosh! I'm rambling! Sorry!

Mrs Woo

trippin said...

Hey, I just signed up to follow you so now you have 51. Love you Kat!

louise said...

I am from Indie Biz Hi!!
Bono is sweet.
My favourite book has to be The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, my nan used to tell it to me when I was little and I still love to reread it and share it with my littlies.

Roxanne said...

Congrats on 50! It's easy to see why, your blog is too sweet.

My favorite book is On The Road by Jack Kerouac. There's just something about throwing everything to the wind and following your heart back and forth across the country with friends and adventures along the way that makes gets me deep into my core. I wish for nothing more than a happy life like that.

yourstrulydear said...

i hope little bono gets better! he is adorable. i have a lot of favorite books but i recently read hunger games (and its sequel) by suzanne collins and i'm obsessed with it.

Anonymous said...

a care package of you sounds wonderful! hmmm, let's see... the first book that comes to mind is Pride and Prejudice. yes, love that book. a lot.

i hope Bono Baby feels better soon. he'll be in my prayers...

Maike V. said...

Ah, so nice when word spreads and things like beautiful blogs such as this gain more recognition! :D

My favorite book is the original Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. It's a well known story but the original novel is so heavy with great ideas & imagery and quite a bit darker than what Disney made out of it.

Deja said...

Ummmmm ... I have too many favorite books. How can I pick one? I'm reading Jude the Obscure, so right now that's my favorite.

I added my following, too ...

Kristen said...

A favorite book? Almost impossible to chose. Probably "The Little Princess." I was fascinated with that book and then the Shirley Temple film when I was younger. Another top one is "100 Dresses" - I love the theme that you can't judge a book by its cover. No pun intended! Congrats on 50!

Claire Donovan said...

hey! Im from Indie Biz!! My favourite book is called '11 Emerald Street' its quite difficult to read if you arent irish as its written in a dublin accent if that makes sense but it made me laugh from start to finish. Its about a young boy from the poorer side of Dublin, he loves his family and he's just such a wee bruiser. He went to a gaelic football match with his dad at Croke Park in Dublin and suffered a head injury during a riot... after his head injury he was convinced he could Faith healings so went around the local hospitals touching babies heads and cancer patients- just doing his bit for society. It was honestly the funniest book ive ever read and i absolutely love it.
Love the doggy and the blog!!

Jane said...

I have too many favorites! Some of them are:
Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut
Hamlet, William Shakespeare
Woman in White, Wilkie Collins
The Trial, Franz Kafka
Evidence of Harm, David Kirby (I'm a bit obsessed with the topic of vaccines since having kids).
The Stranger, Albert Camus
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, William Steig
Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery
Bridge to Tarabithia, Katherine Paterson
The Diamond in the Window, Jane Langton
The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett

And I could just go on and on, so I'll stop now. :-) Thanks for having a fun giveaway. Hope all is well.

the little things we learn to love said...

I love that your doing this kat. Brilliant. its always so hard to find a good book but now that you asked 52 people what their favorite books are you'll have a new book to read every month for two and a half years and they'll all be good, it wont have to be a guessing game. Such a hard question though, I LOVE to read, and I can only choose, just one? alright if I can only choose one I have to go with my letters to God jurnal. I've always had a hard time talking to God on my knees in prayer because I cant see him so when I was younger I started writing letters to him and I still do everytime I write in my jurnal, sorry you'll only have a book for 51 months to read (;

Anonymous said...

"Love you Forever"written by Robert Munsch has to be my favorite. I cry when I read it....nearly every time. " I love you for always, I love you forever, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be". Momm

Anonymous said...

Here comes weezie!


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
I am just catching up on my blogs and found this. I am so sorry Bono Baby got ill! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he is feeling completely better by now. Pets are so special.
Lots and lots of love,
p.s. while I'm on this entry I shall enter the draw! My favorite book is St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell. Her stories are like little paintings.

Midge said...

I put those monkey buttons on one of Ike's jackets and he looks super hip, these would be even cooler. Thanks again for my sweet birthday suprise.
My favorite book is either Franny and Zooey or Extremely Loud and Incredibly close.
And my favorite blogger is you!

slush said...

My favorite book is whatever I am currently reading. I love to read and never put enough time aside to do it. Right now I am reading this book by Stephen Frye about his travels through all 50 states. Its a really good book. I just finished The Wonderful Wizard of Oz graphic novel and loved that.

Hope Bono is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say my all time favorite book to read is Charles Dickens Tale of Two Cities. I try and read it at least once a year and everytime I get something new out of it. I love Sydney Carton he's such a well written charater and it almost always makes me get a little teary at the end when he's sitting in for Charles Darnay at the guillotine.

- Sarah Friend