Friday, February 05, 2010

Ska'd for Life

Daniel got a new pair of shoes for walkin' the Bono Baby.
He needed some slip-ons for when Bono is impatient.
We chose these Vans because they match Bono Baby. Daniel wanted a pair like these when he was in elementary school, and they remind me of my days as a RUDE GIRL (back in the day).

Favorites from this week list
(inspired by dear Lindsey)

-This book wreath tutorial from Living with Lindsey Librarian.
-Watching New York, I Love You with my Daniel.
-This laptop holder Twelvesouth.
-Bike accessories by Beatrice Holiday.
-My friend Treelana's new shop Easy Modesty.
-Suzee Que's free downloadable vintage labels.


p.s. Remember to enter the Friendship Giveaway honoring Miss Amanda Atkins. The winner will be announced Sunday night. Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend

lindsey said...

i'm thinking you and i need to both attempt that wreath. and new york, i love you is next on our list. sending you sweet saturday wishes.
p.s. - urban dictionary is the best. tell dan i approve of his taste in shoes. at least they weren't crocs!


Maggie May said...

hi! i am new here and just wanted to say hello, what a charming blog you have :)