Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking Back

I've been busy making Daniel's Valentines gift and I found our list of What We Did In 2009 that we wrote on New Years Eve.
I thought I'd share it with you.
I'm finding that when I look back at what we've done, I feel better about what we are doing.
Does that make sense?

Our 2009 In A Nutshell

-Dan graduated from Southern Miss with his PhD.
-We went to Rowan Oak (William Faulkner's home).
-We stayed in an antebellum home in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
-We visited Mount Rushmore.
-We drove through five new states.
-We moved to Seattle, Washington.
-Bono Baby came to stay with us.
-I made three new friends.
-We opened our Etsy shop.
-Dan and Will published Town Creek Poetry.
-I lost weight (twenty pounds, I think).
-We were able to get to know Dan's parents better.
-Dan got his favorite calling at church.
-I got new Fluevogs for my birthday.

With Valentines Day on the horizon, I'm giving myself sometime to reflect and look back and fall in love with my husband all over again.



Claire Nouveau said...

i love this. reminds me that i should probably do the same...sometimes it helps to reflect so life doesn't feel so mundane (at least this is true in my case!) you've done so many fun and amazing things (published poetry WOW!)...oh and i love your dress too, you should do more outfit posts, i'd love to see em!

Kitty said...

Pretty Claire,

Your comments always mean so much to me. Thank you. I hope to be able to post more outfit posts sometime soon. (I've been in a denim rut). You will be my inspiration.

Fritzi Marie

lindsey said...

in total agreement with claire about your dress. here's to looking forward and getting out of our ruts.

love and hugs