Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Advise

I've been thinking a lot about a little advise I once received.
When Daniel and I first were married we spent a summer in California, preparing for our move to Mississippi. Dan worked at Disneyland as a train conductor and I worked for my high school teacher, Dr. Lavin.
I walked her dogs, planted flowers, polished silver, went grocery shopping and sat with her husband John when she went out.
John always told me...


He would give me this little bit of advise whenever I talked to him for years and I didn't let it sink in.
That summer, he gave me that same advise daily.
He had Alzheimer's disease and he didn't realize that he had already told me.

I think he gave me this advise over and over for a reason.

I'm working it over in my head.
So, dear friends...I'm passing this advise on to you.

love you,


Kristen said...

:) Thank you...I love that advice. I have more to add but will send you an email about it.

lindsey said...

have been working it over in my head as well. i love that picture.
p.s. - i haven't polished silver in forever. i was always in charge of polishing my grandmother's stuff.


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

that's wonderful advice and a beautiful little story. thanks for sharing, Kat.

Retro Plants said...

best advice ever.
he sounded like my kind of guy! :)
if i did what everybody else did. . . then where would all this retro love go!?! :)

p.s. seriously! your hubby worked at Disneyland!!!!
paint me jealous!
i just heart me some D-Land :)
wish i was there now! ;)
i would ride Indiana Jones. . . eat a Dole Whip. . . try to sneak into Club 33 and then give up and ride Pirates! ;)
oh. . . and the Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise and Splash Mountain and Star Tours and Peter Pan and It's a Small World and then ride the train!
next stop. . . Grand Canyon and Prehistoric Dinosaurs! yay!

Anonymous said...

so wise and so true. thanks for my new motto. :)