Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Life Is Either A Great Adventure Or Nothing"
-Helen Keller

I spent last weekend in Vancouver, Washington with some dear friends.
They just had a beautiful baby girl.
Welcome to the world Baby Carmel.
My friends took me on an adventure to Sock Dreams in Portland.
It was Baby Carmel's first official adventure.
Few things are sweeter than being part of the first weeks of a babies life.
Oh, and new socks are pretty sweet too.

Thank you for the adventure Dear Friends.
Thank you for the snazzy pair of socks too.

love love love,


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Carmel is such a pretty name!
I love those new socks, too. :) Bono baby is so cute.

Katherine said...

That so nice that you were able to go and spend that time with your friends and their new baby. I'm sure they loved having you be there and be a part of those first memories.

lindsey said...

i want both your socks and shoes! their baby is adorable. so glad you got to go visit.