Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Friendship Giveaway
(winner chosen)

Last night I watched Finding Forrester with my Daniel and Bono Baby.
We wanted to watch something to honor the passing of J.D. Salinger.
The movie reminded me of my 34 to do's before my 35th birthday list. I've been working on a number of to do's but I'm focusing on
#4-Make New Friends and
#18-Be A Better Friend specifically.
Finding Forrester is a sweet reminder of how special and rare friendship can be.

In honor of friendship, I'm having a giveaway. This one will feature a new friend of mine, Miss Amanda Atkins. I recently received some of her lovely prints and I wanted to share with you her magical portraits.

So, dear friends, go visit Miss Amanda at her Etsy shop, Amanda Atkins in a Canary Forrest and pick out your favorite print. Then come back and tell me which one it is as well as a little something about friendship (to entertain me). The winner will be picked randomly next Sunday and your lovely friendship Amanda Atkins print will always remind you that friendship, true friendship, is to be treasured.

Thank you dear readers for being my friends.
You make me so happy.

love love love,


Anonymous said...

Hi,dear friend...Hope the world is treating you well...All her work is stunning,but the one that caught my attention more so was 'Remember when I loved you 'print...A true friend is never far away,they are there when you need them be it night or day...have a good week...x

suzie stepp your 8th grade class mate :) said...

My fav was "Limited Edition Black and White Tattooed Lady (1/50)" because she reminded me of myself. And about friendship: Someone with many friends really only has many acquaintance's, because it takes time of quality to have even a true few.

Mabel said...

What a whimsical collection of artwork. My favorite is Radio Raven Paper Doll. Thanks for hosting.

Mabel said...

Ooops... forgot to tell you something about friendship. To me friendship is that special something that allows two people to be in the same room without feeling the need to talk. Just being in the same room is enough.

Kristen said...

I liked the Remember when I loved you and the paper doll three pack. A friend - someone who knows all your insecurities and faults and still loves you in spite of you! Blogged about your contest! L,K

Midge said...

I really like her prints, they have a bit of an Aeon Flux flare. But the one I want is probably the Canary because although I have boys there room still has a bit of a bird theme.
I think it's awesome that we've really only met once but I consider you one of my good friends. I would love a chance to hang out more some day. I know we would be 'as thick as theives'.
btw, I was totally depressed the day I found out J.D. was gone. He will be missed.

Heather said...

I love the "Your Secrets Felt Like Velvet" print.

I am so thankful for the friendships in my life and am so glad that I am at a place where I am capable of being a good friend. I find it comforting also to come and read your blog and know that I was not the only little girl in Monrovia that was best friends with her Mom, singing Carpenter's songs and looking forward to pineapple whips. I am glad for this little window into your life and the opportunity to be your friend all these years later.

Was that too much?

Anonymous said...

Friendship is unique and a true friend is worth cherishing forever. I consider you, my sweet Kathryn, to be my forever friend. I love you.....Mother

lindsey said...

i LOVE that you are doing this! my favorite, other than one of everything - "a new beginning,
1953." regarding friendship... someone who accepts you just the way you are. and will not poke fun at all your refrigerator magnets!!!


Claire Nouveau said...

this is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. i love making lists too! i can't seem to get anything done without them really...heehee! i like your to-do for friendship. :)
friendship to me feels sort of transient and changeable (perhaps that's because i have never stayed in one place very long!)...i feel like some friendships are meant to last forever while others should last only a short period of time. i remember once when i was a little girl (in grade school) i said to my best friend at the time Amber, that all i wanted in the whole world was a "true friend", a short while later i walked into the cafeteria and overheard her laughing and giggling with some other girls, mocking and mimicking me saying in a whiny voice "all i want is a truuuuue friend!", i ran home crying that day, but i learned something too...friends will come and go, and sometimes it's for the best. just as we choose our partner in life we also get to choose our friends. :)
my personal favorite of amanda atkins prints (which are ALL amazing by the way! so hard to choose!) is the tattooed lady, she's gorgeous!
p.s. just a response to your post on my blog, did you know you can bid on peoples storage garages/bins? sometimes people stop making payments on their storage rentals and then the rental place puts their items (as a whole) up for bidding, usually you just get one quick peek inside and then you can bid, i had a friend once who won a storage locker for 100 dollars and it was filled with housewares and clothing from the 50's and 60's! OMG right?! :) (p.s. this was like the longest comment i've ever written ever, i think! haha!)

Anonymous said...

My favourite Amanda Atkins print is the tattooed lady "and with ease I was your pet"... there's just something about the colours that really grabs me.

and friendship... friendship means you can tease your friends in love as much as you want, and it only makes everything better. for my friend Ian's birthday, I filled his bedroom with balloons because I knew he'd be out celebrating. when he got home at 3am he called me repeatedly to tell me "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITH LOVE. I LOVE YOU. BUT I WANT TO KILL YOU."

An friendship means hearing only the "love" in that sentence.

... that's why he's my gay husband and we will live happily ever after, the end.

Anonymous said...

It was so hard to pick just one! My favorite though, is "As it was." She's so pretty, and has mushrooms on her dress. I wish she was my friend.
The older I get the more I appreciate the friendships in my life. They have helped me become a better person in so many ways. I'm always feeling inspired by my friends, and I'm grateful you're my friend Kat! Loves, Jane

artfoodsoul said...

the zelda print -- oh yeah! i have two friendship lines i'll paraphrase: friends are the family we make for ourselves, and call it a clan, call it a gang, call it a tribe, call it a posse, call it a family, whatever you call it, we all need one...

trippin said...

I would have to say my favorite is the Adapting to you print. Frienship to me is being able to pick up where you left off, no matter how long it has been since you have seen the person. I feel like that everytime I see you. Too bad it isn't very often. I love you Kat. I hope you have a great year.

Anonymous said...

the "And with unspoken ease I was your pet - tattooed lady print"

I'm horrible at it would have to say making time to catch up on what's going on in one another lives even when you don't live close.

Sarah Friend

Bonnie and Nick said...
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Bonnie and Nick said...

My favorite print was Rebbecca and the raccoon.

True friendship is very tricky in my opinion.A true friend will never betray you, loves you through good times and bad, and is there for you when you need them. you don't have to hang out all of the time or talk all of the time.

If I get a phone call from a friend, that I haven't heard from in years, and her boyfriend broke up with her we will instantly go get ice cream. If she is too far away to have Ice cream with then I will be on the phone as long as it takes to get it all out. that to me is an example of true friendship.

Thank you for including me Kat. I don't look at my blog often anymore and I'm glad I just happened to today.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

yeah! i'm a big Ms. Atkins fan.

my latest favorites: On Finding You and Chelsea and the Black Fox print.

i don't have many friends, but for the few that i'm lucky to have: i CHERISH. :)

thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway, Kat. :)

Anonymous said...

A friend is someone who gets a phone call with wailing on the other end, hops on a plane at 6am the next day and makes a 'To Do' list for their friend (and a hug to boot.)

Thank you!

What's my prize?

Taylor said...

Hey Kat! I miss you so much down here! I you are an amazing friend! Thanks for always being there for me whenever i needed someone to talk to! All these prints are amazingly beautiful but my favorite would have to be the Live Gently with Passion print! Thanks for everything!

Unknown said...

Friendship is all about bonding over the things you have in common with one another and respecting each other over differences.

My two favorite prints are "A New Beginning" & "Live Gently & With Passion"



Cindyp said...

I just saw this and had to comment my fave is my sisters keeper - I was raised as an only child but found out when I was 7 that I had a year younger half sister. I always wanted to meet her and know her but it was not allowed we grew up in separate but beautiful worlds as both "only" children.the day before I moved away to ohio for college I sought her out but she was not home two years later she found me on the web. Life took its course and we spoke daily for 9 years without having ever met. I moved back to California in 2007 and was finally able to meet face to face.I'm sure it was the hand of a saint guiding is to be there for each other as her mom passed away a year before we met leaving me her only family. Here is to the bond of friendship between two sisters kept worlds apart for all those years. I love that WE CHOOSE to be friends! Cindy