Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Bono Baby and I have been taking lots of long walks in the Washington drizzle.
We have also been watching a lot of news about Haiti.
We are so sad and desperate to help.
Bono has been wearing his red raincoat that just happens to match the American Red Cross.
I know things are really hard for everyone right now but please donate if you can.
Here is a link to a way to donate to Red Cross from your cell phone.

We love you,
Kat and Bono Baby


Amanda Atkins said...

oh my gosh, I honestly didn't even know anything happened (I don't watch TV and don't really seek out news stories on the internet). Thank you for writing about this.

Janey said...

Thanks for this Kat. I posted the link to fb. I wish I could do more too! So sad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.
I did donate.


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

It is so sad. It is amazing though, to see the power of the internet in colleting donations.

(Love your blog. Especially the header! Looks great.)