Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Miss Our Daniel

Here is my new hair. I had to pull out my emergency Hello Kitty umbrella (a special gift from a friend) so I could take Bono Baby out after my hair appointment. Bono loves to tromp around in the mud and I like to keep my hair dry after someone has given it a good straightening out (I have no patience with my hair).

Bono Baby and I have had some one on one buddy time. My weekend was spent going to estate sales, getting my hair done, going to see Reverend Payton (and some great rockabilly bands), and chilling with Bono Baby.

Daniel spent the rest of the weekend in Idaho, in a cabin, with a bunch of poets, playing card games.
I think Bono Baby liked his one on one time with Kitty. We watched a Gene Kelly movie, took walks in the drizzle and we fit in a couple of catnaps.

We can't wait for Daniel to come home and tell us all about his adventure.

What did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Write,write,write.....Love the hair...

Anonymous said...

it's been raining here, too. short of walking the dogs around the block to do their business, i've been stuck at home most of the weekend.

your new hair is adorable, kat! looks like mr. bono baby is keeping you nice and busy. did you find anything noteworthy at the estate sales?

Kristen said...

Hey gorgeous. I love your hair and your HK umbrella. Super cute. I think since Dan got a weekend we should plan a girls weekend this spring...sound fun?

Amanda Atkins said...

Love your new hair, Kat! I'm glad you and Bono enjoyed your one on one time! Daniel's cabin adventure sounds neat. :) Have a happy tuesday tomorrow!
p.s. - I'm so glad you love the prints, and I also love my notebook and everything else you included! You're so sweet! :)

Katherine said...

I love your hair. I always love your hair though. So thick and shiny...Sounds like a nice weekend. I haven't checked in for awhile, so I had to come and catch up. My computer has had some problems lately. Sorry to be gone so long.