Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dapple Lumplings

"Want to know a secret?
Promise not to tell?
We are standing by a wishing well.
Make a wish into the well,
and if you hear it echoing,
your wish will soon come true."
-Snow White

Today is my day to write thank you notes.
I'm ashamed to be getting them out so late (late for me) but everyone loves a good thank you note (anytime) right?

My dear friend Karyn sent me Snow White on DVD for Christmas.
She knows me so well and she's smart.
She called Dan and he told her it was on my wish list.
I think I'll watch it again while I write my thank you notes.

Snow White is my favorite Disney character.
I love her.

Who is your favorite Disney character?

Happy Thursday Dear Friends


slush said...

My fav Disney character currently is Bolt. Which is new school. But, my youngest boy adores that movie. The way his eyes light up when watching it makes it my fav.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well. So very sweet of you and much appreciated. Im thinking Ill hit a clinic tomorrow or Saturday weather permitting. This thing just doesnt want to run its course. Hope you are feeling better as well. Make sure you are getting enough sleep!

Much love from here,


Amanda Atkins said...

I also love Snow White! She reminds me of my Nana. I remember watching it at her house when I was little, and she told me that the girl who did Snow White's voice was only 13 at the time.
My forever favorite Disney character, however, is Lady from Lady and the Tramp. That whole movie is so beautiful. I love it so much!

Anonymous said...

it must be alice.

devon said...

mary poppins!

Martha said...

Scoop up some water and splash it on your face and go blugh blugh blugh! Snow white is a great movie.

Mamushka Marie said...

this is so funny, my roommates and i were having this very discussion the other got started when we were singing one of the songs from our youths...i'm going with mary poppins as my favorite, watching it now i'm thinking, gosh this was really dark and twisted for me to be watching when i was a kid..hehe