Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crush Wednesday

Today I have a crush on this lady's hair.

I spent my morning listening to Ottis Redding's Try A Little Tenderness, over and over.
Then I was carried away, back to high school.
Reliving my love affair with Duckie Dale.
Oh, Duckie you were the ultimate crush for a 16 year old.

Today I'm looking forward to my next hair appointment so I can copy this hairstyle (thank you GingeyGinge) and my hot date with Dan (my crush of all crushes) this Friday.

p.s. My first crush was Jason Bateman from Valerie in 1986.



Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

My first crush was Cooler from Pound Puppies!! Will you be posting pictures of your new hair? How exciting!

Kristen said...

A boy named Jason Roberts. We sang together in a stake primary choir. I saw him when I was out shopping (I was with my mom and he was with his) and he shared a stick of gum with me. I kept that in my dresser for over a year. (ew right?) He was dreamy though.

Have fun getting your hair done, I love going to get mine done!

Anonymous said...

i stalked michael j. fox for a few years in the '80s.

i can't wait to see pics of your hairdo, kat.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found some inspiration...You will look beautiful...

Anonymous said...

-Ben, from "Growing Pains"
how embarrassing! lol


lindsey said...

in love with the haircut. my crush - robert redford!!!


Unknown said...

ah, Jason Bateman was a crush for me...along with Kirk Cameron and Ricky Shroeder.
xoxo alison