Wednesday, January 27, 2010

California Snapshots

I'm back in Washington.
These were some of my favorite sights while home in California.
Everything comes to life in California.
Especially me.



Amanda Atkins said...

I love the photos! Especially the oranges. I'm glad you had a lovely time in CA.

lindsey said...

welcome home. cannot wait to read all about your adventures. i have always wanted my own lemon tree. and that chandelier is to die for. one of those gnomes looks surprisingly like dan!!!


Parker said...

Amanda and Lindsey,

You are both so sweet. You made my day. I'm on my way to Portland. Wish me luck.

love love love,


p.s. That gnome does look like Daniel a little. How funny!

Kristen said...

Oh I wish i had a lemon tree here! I love that photo! Glad you are home safe and sound!