Monday, December 14, 2009

The Universe Is Looking Out For Me

I bought some gloves the other day. It's been cold, I needed them.
I came home and realized that they were overpriced and mediocre.
Blah. Blah.
The next day I found these pretty gloves at an estate sale and I'm in LOVE with them.
I took the overpriced gloves back.

Then my in-laws gave me these gloves. They were Daniels' Grandmother's.
I feel so lucky.

I have another blog that is private (Fritzi Wishes) and it is a place where I put all of my wishes.
It's kind of like an inspiration board.
I blog about the things I would love to have.
It's my wish catalog.
Anyhow, I wished for one of these scarfs a while back.
Today, I found one on a shelf at the thrift store for 69 cents.

Thank You Universe


lindsey said...

you look stunning! i've got a pair of fuschia gloves that look almost like your black ones. and that die for. to wishes. and to a much prettier 2010!


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog. My day is brighter when you blog. The pictures of you are gorgeous.....those eyes! I am doing very well......sent out a Christmas card to the faculty and staff at Mountain Park School.. Received a forward from Amy and read Jess's email about the arrival of Judd. He will arrive

Thursday unless he comes within the next 24 hours. C section, I am thinking. I love you, precious daughter. Mommy

Katherine said...

I remember those gloves very well. I'm so glad you have them. I know my grandmother would love that you have them too. Cute scarf---amazing price.

Anonymous said...

well deserved, kat.