Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dog-End Of A Day Gone By

The pretty fall leaves have fallen and it seems like our neighborhood has been covered with moss. I love how the red's of the leaves and the green moss yell, "Christmas."
It makes me want to watch Amelie.
I'm always looking for a reason to watch sweet Amelie.

Have I mentioned how much I love my boys?

Happy December 1st Dear Friends


Anonymous said...

Hi Kat
you might like watching (Easy Virtue)
i rented the movie last night and loved it.

love SONA

Parker said...

Pretty Sona,

I watched it. I thought it was good. Loved Colin Firth but the scene with the chihuahua was too much for me. So NOT cool.

love you,


p.s. Have you seen The Affair of the Necklace? I watched it the other night and it is SO a Sona movie. Loved it.