Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Men In My Life

Day two of my gratitude week is dedicated to the men who are important to me.
My brother Benner, my Dad CJ, my Daddy, and my Father-in-law all mean so much to me.
I really know that they love me and I feel so blessed.

My Daddy would tell me that I needed to keep my feet in holy places and go where the eagles are. I kind of listened and would walk out of the house while he was telling me, "Fritzi, remember who you are."
When I look at Dan, I know that he is my "Eagle". He is my whole world and I love him so much. I like to think that the other men in my life were such great examples to me so that I would go out into the world and find a man like my Daniel.

Happy Tuesday Wishes Dear Friends

p.s. Did you think of something to be grateful for today?


Anonymous said...

To look into my childrens eyes everyday, and see them smile... You look so much like your dad. x

Kristie said...

So sweet. I love how your dad said to "remember who you are". wise words. Daniel is a lucky guy!


lindsey said...

the black and white photos are perfect for this post. you always make me cry when you talk about the people in your life (especially the men). there is such passion and beauty behind your words.

love and a thousand hugs