Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitty Tooth Fairy

My life is so crazy busy right now. Strange, since my life was so not busy two weeks ago.
Today is my day off from work and it has been chock full of Etsy shop goodness and errand running.
Don't tell anyone but I'd rather be busy than bored any day.

Daniel is having a new crown put in.
Thankfully he was able to commission our friend Craig to make it.
He jazzed it up with a Kitty tooth tattoo to boot.
How fun?

In other news, I was given a pile of friends and family coupons for Macy's.
25% off on most items in the store.
That means you can use them to buy a new watch or a new handbag.
Usually their coupons don't apply to such items.
I digress, point is, if you want one let me know.
I'd love to share them with you.

hugs, hugs, and more hugs,


Anonymous said...

i officially want (scratch that) NEED a crown with a tatoo. That is way better than a regular tatoo anyday. I'm gonna ask matt to crack my tooth tonight so I can get one.

If i can use one of your coupons online then I'm totally lining up for a discount.

i know you like being busy but i miss my daily dose. I dont even know what you did this weekend


Parker said...

Annie Bannie,

All I did this weekend was work. I'm turning into you. 10 hour days. The tooth is pretty cool, eh. You so need one...what would you get a tooth tattoo of? Email me your new address and I'll send you the coupon. They said it even works on Coach bags and I'm pretty sure it works online. Free shipping if you spend more than 100. Horray for a good deal.

Miss you,


Kristen said...

WHAT?? How did they do that on the tooth? That is so cool - I love it! Now you know he must REALLY love you! ;)

Pass on the coupons to me sista - I'm using a gross milk stained diaper bag as a purse. Mama needs a new one!!

Anonymous said...

i miss you, but hope work is going well. ~Karyn

Anonymous said...

You have an award at mine...

lindsey said...

dan's crown totally makes me want to have all mine ripped out and tattooed. the cat reminds me of the judy garland movie gay purr-ee. my daughter loved it much more than the aristocats! so cool.