Friday, November 20, 2009

It Must Be A Sign

Bono Baby and I were on a walk this morning and we watched geese fly overhead.
I'm thinking that is a sign of good luck for sure.
They were even talking to us.
Bono talked back.

Happy Weekend Wishes Dear Friends


Anonymous said...

I love this photo. It would be a nice card, don't you think? Life has beautiful elements everywhere. I have had a slow day...I am sore from my trip adventures, I think. I know it was not much,but I climbed up a ways to see Montezuma's Well near Sodona, Az. My body has not been the same since.....Time..Time..Time.
I love you forever and for always, my precious little one. Mom

yiching said...

I love watching geese flying by, too, and it IS a sign of good luck!