Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Film Portal
Day four of my gratitute week and I must tell you all that I am grateful for movies.
Movies are my escape.
A film can take me back in time.
I can watch an old favorite and feel like I'm with the person I first saw it with.
The first movie I saw in the movie theater was Snow White.
I saw it with my parents when I was very small.
The first movie I went to, without an adult, was Girls Just Want To Have Fun.
I thought I was so cool.
I have so many favorite movies with such wonderful memories attached to them.
I'm always making lists in my head of movies worthy of seeing in the theater, Netflix worthy films, and favorites I'd like to watch again.
I limit my DVD collection to only my favorites.
Movies make me happy.

Do you have a special film that brings back memories for you?

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Anonymous said...

Grease 2! no need to say anymore