Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."
-Anne Shirley

I'm adjusting to the Seattle weather.
What I really want to do is curl up with my boys and watch Anne of Green Gables.

What movie do you feel like curling up with on a rainy day?


lindsey said...

it's going to seem like an odd choice, but i love point of no return with bridget fonda and gabriel byrne! to rainy days.


Kitty said...


Thank you for sharing. I love Gabriel Byrne. He's on my sin list. I think I remember you telling me that he is on yours too. We have good taste in men. I started my training at Macy's today. Pretty exciting. I'm so sorry to hear about the fires in Alfred. That is horrible.

love and hugs,

p.s. I was feeling like a big loser when I came home and found out that no one shared their rainy day movie choice. You are a dear friend for sure. xoxo