Sunday, October 11, 2009

Take A Walk With Us?

Dear Friends,
Fall is beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.
I am loving it.

Look at how happy I look.

I get to chill with my Mommy for three more days.
We are having so much fun.

Daniel is so handsome.

I love that he finds furry caterpillars and that they match his beard and his jacket.

Bono Baby met a little girl pug who he was really interested in.
She wasn't too into him.
I think his ego was bruised when she turned around to chase after a bigger doggie.
Fritzi Marie


Katherine said...

That catepillar did match Dan's coat and beard---pretty cool.:) Are you at Lake Sammamish? I enjoy trying to figure out where each picture was taken. All 4 of you look very happy.:)

lindsey said...

you look like you're having way too much fun. stop it! you are putting the rest of us to shame. we went leaf browsing this weekend. they aren't as vibrant this year. hugs to baby bono. been there with the bruised ego.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I was just there yesterday in all that loveliness. Thank you for such a wonderful visit. Buffy arrived home around 10:00 last evening. We are off to the races this morning. I love you. Mommy