Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Leaves Are Falling

I'm in the midst of a mini breakdown.
I need MY season to change.
I need a fresh start.

I'm fragile right now so I'm finding refuge in the beauty of fall in Washington.

We all have so many challenges, so many times of weakness.
Let's do all that we can to support one another.

Let's walk hand in hand and look up at the leaves.
The beautiful fall trees will take all of our worries away.


lindsey said...

loving your photos. it's gone straight to winter here. it actually snowed today. i'm with you on the mini breakdown. to fresh starts.

sending plenty of love and hugs.

Kristen said...

Love to you Kat. Love your fall pictures. I'm going to a witchy party tomorrow - I'll send photos to give you a smile and giggle. You KNOW I hate dressing up, ugh.

Be happy. Life is good.

Katherine said...

I'm glad you do have the beautiful Fall to maybe slightly soften all of the other hard stuff right now. I hope you can get your fresh start soon.(Just be there for Thanksgiving though.:) )

brittany said...

Oh, Kat. I'm so sorry. I've so been there, stuck in that never ending season that just needs to end. Let me just tell you this: It seems like it might never end. Then one look around and it's over. I promise it will end, it's a test of endurance.

I'm sure I will go through that again someday and I'm NOT looking forward to it, either. I'm so glad you have lots of love in your life and heart. Even in your hard time, you are still a breath of fresh air. that is pretty amazing!

love to you. ((((kitty))))

Deja said...

This seems as good a time as any to de-lurk. Dearest Kat, I've been reading your blog for months, and I am so in love with it. It's one of the ones I check obsessively, sure you will have something lovely or sweet or hopeful to say. I can't tell you how often you are just the thing I need.

Why, oh why, oh WHY was I such a backwards weirdo in Mississippi? You clearly did a better job of making that place home. Every time I read this blog, it seems clear I missed out on a great friend.

Here's hoping your season changes. The photos are nearly lovely enough to change my season, and I'm in a pretty slumpy one, too.

(Tell Dan hi. And tell him I met Marion Bishop (I'm pretty sure that's her name--downstairs neighbor in Salt Lake?). And she is so cool.)

Anonymous said...

Go to your happy place kitty. snuggle with ur blanky and then go out and tackle life. Don't let it tackle you!

love u

Parker said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am so blessed.