Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I had to retire my favorite pair of shoes.
The soles split and I couldn't figure out why my socks were wet at the end of the day.
Now, I have a cold.

Thankfully I like good shoes that last a long time.
These one's lasted nine years and the same pair I had before them lasted eight years.
I wonder how long my next pair will last.
Maybe I'll polish them and they'll last ten years.
We shall see.

Fritzi Marie


lindsey said...

i'm sorry about the shoes. just think how much fun you'll have shopping for your next pair. and for the record, you are much easier on shoes than i am! sending sweet thursday wishes your way.


Katherine said...

It's hard to give up good friends like that. Glad you have some back ups. I'm impressed that they lasted 9 years.

Kitty said...

dear Lindsey and Katherine,


Thank you for feeling for me and my loss.

I plan to order up the same pair of shoes soon. Thankfully I have other shoes to wear.

You two are the cutest. I wish we could all go shoe shopping together.