Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy Weekend Wishes To You

We have BIG plans this weekend.
We are volunteering for the Salmon Days Festival here in Issaquah, WA.
I'm hoping it will be rainy so Bono Baby can wear his raincoat to the parade.
p.s. What are you up to this weekend?


Kristen said...

Fun FUN! We are going to soccer, decorating the porch for Halloween, sending Graham to a birthday party and working on the basement. And pretending to listen to conference. (snoooooze)

Will you please email me you address?

lindsey said...

we are taking advantage of the sun. it came out today for the first time in days. weekend plans include lunch out followed by the university's first play of the season. hoping it rains so i can see bono in his slicker!


Parker said...

Kristen and Lindsey,

It sounds like you both have lovely plans for the weekend. Kristen, I can't wait to see your front porch.
Lindsey, I hope you took photo's of your adventures. I love your photos. It didn't rain so Bono didn't match my volunteer t-shirt with his rain slicker like I had hoped. He was so cold, he had to wear his sweatshirt.

love you guys,