Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Guess Who Flew In

My Mommy is visiting.
We are so very happy.
Bono Baby is especially happy to have his cuddle buddy around.

Dan is happy too.

We're going to have lots of adventures and girl time this week.

I'm a happy girl.


trippin said...

I am so glad you have your mommy in town with you. You are going to have some fun times!! I miss you guys. You look beautiful in your pictures by the way.

lindsey said...

i LOVE your coat. that first picture with you and your mom and baby bono is the best. to magical adventures and girl time.


The Sperry Fam said...

I love the pictures, you all look so happy, which is wonderful to see. I'm glad your mom came to visit.

Katherine said...

I would be happy too. What great pictures. You look so good in your coat. :)

Amy said...

What a fun treat to have your Mommy come visit. You look great.