Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Domino, I Miss You

If you loved Domino Magazine and miss it, then you will be happy about Lonny Magazine.
Check it out when you need some inspiration.

Fritzi Marie


lindsey said...

i just heard about lonny yesterday! cannot believe how many magazines i love have bit the dust but i really miss domino!


trippin said...

I miss Domino as well. It was by far my favorite magazine. I hate when they cancel magazines I love and start sending me stupid magazine like Glamour. I have been receiving that one, but I am not sure what magazine it has replaced yet. I will have to check our Lonny.

Stephanie said...

Love it! I have "the wants" so bad now!

Katherine said...

Domino was such a cool magazine. I love that you sent it to me. I'm so happy that there's something similar out there now.