Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Miss You Already

Dear Daniel,
We miss you.
We hope your flight went well.
We hope you don't get too sad while your in Monrovia, CA without us.
We're always there in spirit but we wish we were with you just the same.
Try not to have too much fun with Mommy and Dad CJ.
Enjoy your In-N-Out burger and your apple fritter from Christies.
You deserve them.
Drive home safe, Dear Daniel.
You are some serious precious cargo and we need you to come home to us safe and sound.
Give everyone a big hug from Kitty and Bono Baby.
We LOVE you.
p.s. This song goes out to you my Dear Daniel.
You can hum it to yourself and think of me.
I'll hum it to you when you get home.


Katherine said...

How weird to think that Dan is in CA without you. I'm sure he's in a mad rush to get back to you and Baby Bono though.

Parker said...

He wanted to drive down and see you super bad.
He is too cute.
Next time for sure.
love love love,