Saturday, September 26, 2009

Treasure Hunt Goodies

We found this little PINK chair and I fell in love with it.
It will be getting a makeover.
Dan and I are not big fans of the color pink.
I'll show it to you when it's all prettied up.

Bono Baby likes it already.
Pink and all.

I found this little girls dress.
I think it will look adorable with a red and white striped shirt underneath it.
Now we just need a little girl to dress up.

Dan found some great books of poetry at the Seattle library book sale.
He was so super excited.

Happy Weekend Wishes Dear Friends


Katherine said...

Beautiful chair. It's funny how it didn't really look pink to me until Bono was sitting in it. His white really made the pink stand out. I always love to see the treasures you find. Hope you're having a fun weekend.

lindsey said...

am always jealous of your treasure hunts. you find the most amazing things.


Anonymous said...

I like the chair. Great find! Baby Bono seems to think it belongs to him......such a cute photo. Happy Sunday.....I love you....Momm