Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The California fires have me worried.
The mountains of my youth are in trouble.
My thoughts and prayers are with my family and friends and my dear mountains.
If any of you are reading this, let us know how you are doing.
Plus, stay inside, that smoke can't be good for you.
p.s. My sister's boyfriend is out fighting the fires and I am especially thinking about him and all of the brave firefighters.


Anonymous said...

Our firefighter has had the past 5 days off and won't be going back to work until saturday. I'm happy he missed fighting the fires but I dont think he feels the same. Although we were pretty much in the fire for as close as we are...Burn baby burn!

Parker said...

Annie Bannie,

Matt must be really sad. Did he have fun on the cruise? I think it would be hard knowing you were trained and ready to help but not on duty. It's kind of like your missing out on the excitment. I am happy to hear that he is safe though. I hope you are being careful and not going outside too much. Take care of your sweet little self baby sister. Remember your lungs are precious and they need to last you a long time. (I sound like Mommy, huh?)

love you,

lindsey said...

our thoughts and prayers have been with everyone in california. we have family and friends there as well. my heart goes out to the brave firefighters. the images and photos from the scene have just been incredible.