Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Salsa Wednesday

My friend Tina taught me how to can salsa today.
My hands still sting from chopping peppers.
It was really nice to get out and have some girlfriend time.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and best wishes.
I'm trying to keep my head up and stay positive.
I didn't get the job and I'm trying to be okay with it.
Faith and Patience, right?!
I think this was my summer to learn all about faith and patience.
Sometimes, I think that everything I am worried or stressed about it completely out of my hands.
All I can do is try and do my best.
Thank you for being there for me.
I love blogging.
I tell Dan that I'm going to stop just about every other day.
I figure I have nothing left to chit chat about.
But, blogging has become my escape.
I am so thankful to have it to look back on.
It helps me learn more about myself.
Thank you BLOG and thank you friends.
Fritzi Marie
p.s. That salsa is dang good.


Anonymous said...

I remember when u used to make ur own salsa...that was pretty dang good too!

I love your blog and I'm sad that you dont blog as often as u used to.

I heard dan is coming home w/o kitty...WTH?

Parker said...

Annie Bannie,

I do make my own salsa and it is dang good. I could drink it! It's Julies secret salsa. It has cilantro and cilantro is one of my most favorite things.
Dan is coming home but I'll be here with Bono Baby. It would be too sad to only be able to go home for a night. Too sad.
I love you. Thank you for reading my blog and checking in on me.

love love love,

p.s. I may be able to sneak you Julie's secret salsa recipe. Let me know if your interested.
You could make it for Matt and tell him it's your Girl Scout salsa. He may like it as much as he likes your Egg in a Picture Frame.

lindsey said...

mark makes a mean salsa. he uses tomatillos. and i always want MORE cilantro. yours is making me hungry. i'm still trying to figure out what lessons we are supposed to be learning. real life can suck it right now. i am so wrapping you in hugs and sweet wishes. you inspire me.


Parker said...


Thank you for being my friend. I've been a slacker pen pall lately and I am so sorry. I'll write soon. YOU inspire me!!!

love and hugs,

Katherine said...

Now you have 2 great salsa recipes. Dan mentioned you might make a trip to Mt. Ranier. I'm really wanting to be in WA right now. I hope that being in the mountains can cheer you up some. I'm really craving the mountains right now. (Salsa too.) Your salsa looks so good.

Brandy said...

Would love your salsa recipes :) Please share.

Kristen said...

I was just putting up some peaches today (listen to me, I sound so farm like) and started dreaming of a little salsa garden next summer to can some salsa with. Ambitious no?

I love that you blog - I feel just as close to you as when we lived a floor apart. Maybe I should take a weekend to come and visit you sometimes. Would that be so fun or what?

Don't stop blogging, yours is the first one I check every day! I would be so sad!

Lynley said...

i'm unsure of the obstacles in your life, and i know that mine are nothing even remotely similar, but i do know that everything will work out.

it just often isn't the way we want. i have to tell you that being here in logan, although amazing, really gets me down sometimes. there's no one like you and giuli to keep me entertained and buoyed up on my down days.

keep writing. it's the most theraputic thing out there.


ps except maybe dark choco ice cream....