Monday, September 14, 2009

Our First Kiss

We went to Alki Beach today.
We went to visit the bench where Dan first kissed me.

It was late at night on our first date. I came up to Seattle to meet him face to face. We had been talking for a few months. We spent the day exploring downtown Seattle. Then he took me to "our" bench.

The moon was full, sitting next to the Space Needle.
Dan describes the event better here.

Today, Bono Baby went to meet our special bench.

I think he liked it just as much as we do.

That night after we spent some time on that bench we walked around and Dan came to a decision: whatever song was playing when we got back in the car would be our song.
It's embarrassing but here goes:
Chop Suey by System Of A Down

When I worked in Alaska, I loved to find wishing rocks like this one.

Make a Wish!

p.s. Where did your favorite first kiss take place?
Do you share a song with someone special?

Fritzi Marie


Janey said...

How romantic and sweet to revisit your spot. I've never done that with Rick, but should. Our first kiss was up at the top of little cottonwood canyon in Utah. We were listening to a Tom Petty CD that he had burned for me. It was a great night.

Maria Confer said...

This is so wonderful. I love that you revisited this special place!! My goodness does your puppy have beautiful markings.

Katherine said...

Bono looks like he's claimed the bench too. I had no idea about Alki beach. I think that's where Dan and I learned to scuba dive. My memory is already failing me.

Parker said...


Thank you for responding to this post. It meant so much to me.

Dan told me all about your scuba diving at Alki Beach.
What about your first kiss with Doug?

I hope you get to go revisit your special spot soon. How was Ricks trip to Spain? I am so jealous.

You are too sweet.

love and hugs,