Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Treasure Basket Is Overflowing

My husband is home.
My Cammy is home.
My Garage Sale partner is home.
And he brought TREASURE from my real "home" in California.
He brought these adorable GNOMES which were waiting for me at my Mommy's.
They were wrapped up all pretty and tied with a big pink bow.
The happiest of birthday presents from my Jeannine and Sarah-friend.
I LOVE them.

We found this picnic/sewing basket at a garage sale this morning.

I can't wait to put all of my sewing supplies in it.
I'm sure it will go on a few picnic adventures too.

Oh, this is the coolest of all.
Devon sent me this book for my birthday.

Lookie, it's a secret book for me to hide my most secret treasures.
He filled it up with Polaroids of some of my favorite people in the world.
He is so creative and wonderful.
Devon, you are the COOLEST.

We found this little gem of a frame at a garage sale this morning too.
I'm collecting oval frames for a project I have up my sleeve.

My Mommy has been collecting them for me too.
She sent me these.

Thank you for all of my new treasures.
I feel so loved.

p.s. I am so super happy that my Daniel is home safe and sound.


Elise said...

What a darling picture of the two dancers - how lucky you are to have found that !

lindsey said...

careful. i might have to sneak up there and steal those gnomes!


Katherine said...

This was so fun to read. Those gnomes look great in the yard. I love oval frames too. Can't wait to see what you do with them. So glad Dan is home safe with your car. :)

April D said...

I love the pictures of the dancers!

I have one that is similar! Yay, we are twins! :) LOL

I'll post it to my blog too LOVEYOU