Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've Been Dreaming About Cupcakes

A few weeks ago we went on a tour of Boehm's Candies.

Mount Rainier's (Dans favorite Beohm chocolate) in the making.

Hand rolled truffles

Chocolate Salmon for Salmon Days Festivities.

We're detoxing right now (phase one of South Beach) and I've been dreaming about sweets and cupcakes.
Revisiting this little trip to the chocolate store makes me feel like I just had a treat.
A treat with zero guilt.

P.S. My favorite part of the tour was in Mr. Boehm's apartment above the candy shop.
He had the same little girl lounging on a mushroom that I grew up with.
My Daddy always had this little girl sitting next to his bed.
He said it was his "Moonbeam" (his nickname for my Mommy).
He liked to pat her cute little bum.


Katherine said...

That's so cool about the little girl. Makes me like Boehms even more. I love how everything ---even where they do all the work---is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone else has that statue

trippin said...

Jayson and I went to Boehms when we were visiting Washington. It was a fun place. I havn't had internet for a little bit, so I just saw the post about the gnomes. I am so happy you liked them. They totally reminded me of you when Sarah and I got them.

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking! Call when you can. I may go to Arrowhead over the weekend.....have not decided yet as the Women's Conference is this weekend. Sister Heslop ask if we could go together. What shall I do as Alma invited us and even said that she would attend Church with us. She seems to think that you owe her a phone call.....I love you......your blog entries makes for a good day for me. Momm

Anonymous said...

The little girl statue bring back many happy memories. Amazing that you saw another one just like it, unpainted too. I love you, Momm