Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Weekend Friends

I'm feeling down today.
I'm anxious for Dan to get home and make everything better.
(He's went to California to pick up my cammy)
I miss him.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with favorite people and adventure.
Fritzi Marie


Laura said...

My Mr. A is in California for the weekend too :(

If I could drive I'd come meet you and we could be sad together.

Anonymous said...

How about a little question to occupy your mind while Dan is away?

why do you suppose humans were given a buttcrack? Yes, its neccessary but did we really need the whole crack?

I have a theory but I'd like to hear yours!


Anonymous said...

PS - you'll like my answer!


lindsey said...

love, love, love the photobooth photo! {{wrapping you in hugs, smiles, wishes, and thoughts of new adventures}}. he'll be home before you know it.


Parker said...


I think we have butt cracks because they are cute. What would a babies bum look like without one. NOt as cute. It is also so much fun to tickle. You know, when you sneak up on someone like Buffy while she is bending over and you get a little tickle in.

love you,

Parker said...

Laura and Lindsey,

Thank you for helping me out with my day. Your comments made me feel so much better.

love love,

Anonymous said...

you have a very good point! butts are fun tickle, slap and admire.

I think the purpose of a butt crack is the same reason that a skirt has a slit - so you can saunter around instead of shuffle!

PS. Listen to this

i heard it and thought u needed tohear it (I like this artist better than the original)

love u

April D said...

Love the comments! Hope your days are looking upwards ;) I sure miss ya girly!