Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Benner

My baby brother is turning 33 today.
That means that I have had my best buddy for 33 years.

I love you so much.
You are amazing.
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful brother.
p.s. Benner calls me Kathy, even though I can't stand being called Kathy.
We made a deal.
I can call him Benner if he can call me Kathy.
I think we work pretty well as a team.


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lindsey said...

you need t-shirts with that emblazoned across the front! birthday wishes sent.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Benner!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben......What a day 33 years ago. I am a blessed mother to have you as my son. Your Grandpa McLard saw you first. They gave me ether at the last moment so I did not see you for a couple of hours after your birth. Daddy told me that I had a 8 lb. 14 oz., red-headed boy. Your own dad missed the birth by one day as he had to return to California for a job. We miscalculated your arrival date.....and dad had to get back. Your grandpa filled in. I intended to have you natural and did until the very last minute and the staff caught me in a weak moment and I said yes to ether. You see, at that time at the SEMO Hospital in Missouri, the hospital staff was unaccustomed to patients not requesting drugs during birthing. If your dad had been with me, he would have helped me at that weak moment.....and I would have said "no" to ether. You arrived without any drugs in your system. That was my objective.....and you were so precious.....Kaddy's little she could not say brother yet...she being 14 months old. My dad had no teeth so he could not say Kathy instead he said Kaddy. You are still precious and I love you. Happy, Happy, Birthday Benner.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday....It's lovely you are so close.

Katherine said...

What a cute little red-headed baby! Kat, it looks like you took very good care of him. :)