Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy "Favorite Things" Weekend Dear Friends

One of my favorite things to do is look at old photographs.
Lately I've been fascinated with Dan's parents' old photo albums.
This set is from when Dan's Grandpa "Popsie" Morris was hanging out in Newport Beach, CA.
Let's all imagine that we are hanging out on that beach, sun bathing our worries away.
Happy Weekend Hugs,
Fritzi Marie
p.s. Doesn't my Daniel look an awful lot like his Grandpa "Popsie" Morris (in the last photo)?


Anonymous said...

Very close family neat is that! Love you......your very own mommy

lindsey said...

i love looking through old photos. conjuring up your own stories if you're not sure of the real ones. already imagining myself on that beach. no cares. no worries. happy weekend sweet friend. miss you.
p.s. - he does look like his grandpa!


Katherine said...

I love these pictures too. I love that beach too, but mostly because it reminds me of my dad and Popsie and my grandmother. Dan is definitely a Morris---I guess that makes me one too since people say we look so much alike.