Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fruity Fruit Fruit
Hello, all.
We hope you are having an amazing weekend.
We've been busy taking mini adventures.
This morning we went to the Issaquah Farmers Market.
It reminded me of the Monrovia Street Fair in it's early days.
I would go every Friday night and hope to find new treasure.
Everything looks better at a Farmers Market.
It tastes better too.
I think there are few things I like more than cilantro, strawberries, and a hard, crispy nectarine.
What is your favorite thing to find at the Farmers Market?


Martha said...

Definitely peaches and apples. I get them and then go home and make something yummy.

lindsey said...

besides cilantro, nectarines, and peaches - zucchini! i always love your mini adventures. happy sunday.


Martha Blue said...

I found some purple bell peppers at the farmers market this weekend. I didn't even know they existed. They taste like green bell peppers but they are crisper and crunchier. Yummy