Thursday, September 10, 2009

Follow Your Own Path
I keep thinking about all the things that are waiting for me, ahead of me.
My path feels like it is only beginning.
I'm just starting my journey.
But, I'm not, I'm 34 years into this journey of mine.
We are all on a different path and a different time schedule.
I think the worst thing we can do to ourselves, is compare paths.
Why do we do that?
I start things later than other people, that's just the way I am.
I'm a late bloomer and I'm happy about that.
I don't think I would change a thing.
I've met so many wonderful people on my journey and I think I've really had time to get to know myself.
So, here's my goal for all of us.
Let's be happy.
Let's be happy right where we are.
Fritzi Marie


Kristen said...

Here! Here! I agree - how boring if we were all on the same path at the same time. (Actually, how crowded and crowds make me cranky)

I will be happy in my spot where I am - for now. :)

Lynley said...

i love that you posted this! it's just what i needed to hear today. i've been sort of down, but there you are - all sunshiney and wonderful!

thanks kat!


Unknown said...

I feel the same.
just to let you know, whenever I'm down i read your blog. Gives me hope :)


Giuli said...

One of the most exciting things about life is that the Lord doesn't show us what's in front of us on the path. If we knew, life would not be interesting, surprising, or meaningful. It's only when we look backwards that we realize "Holy Cow, that's exactly what I needed to experience!". If I knew what was ahead of me, I might be scared (some of the pretty depressing parts), overjoyed (at the blessings in store for me), or just really confused. We are kept hanging until the very very end, which is the way it should be!!!!

Anonymous said...

My journey has had twists and turns. Who would have thought that a little girl from the country,living on a farm in rural Missouri, would raise her family near Los preposterous is that!!!! The outcome is that I would live it the same way again because I was blessed with the best family....husband and children.....that I could ever have asked for....truly blessed. I love you forever and for always. Mommy

Anonymous said...

Is kitty's star shining a little brighter these days?!

Sometimes when I feel like I'm going throug a rough time I think about how I will look back on it when I'm older. Will I laugh? Usually the answer is yes.
Bump, bump, bump goes life! How are your shocks?