Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fall Is In The Air

The trees are changing colors.
The weather is getting cooler.
I'm getting out my fall colors and clothes.
What fun!
I'm looking forward to drinking apple cider and making lots of soup.
Speaking of soup, I can't wait till Daniel makes his pumpkin soup.

What are you looking foward to?

p.s. I had another interview today.


Janey said...

You look very adorable. I wish you could come to LV and give me some fashion advice. I love fall too. We just celebrated today with some creamy tomato soup. My favorite! I'm looking forward to football, Vaughn starting preschool for the first time and spending the upcoming holidays with family.

Anonymous said...

work it sis! lmk how goes the hunt. you can call me too


Kristen said...

We noticed a few little red leaves on the trees today walking home from school. It's 95 outside but I am already getting the kids winter clothes out and dreaming of a new fall purse for me.

Fall is my favorite. Hope your interviews are going well! Sending lots of luck wishes your way!

Anonymous said...

You look so adorable

Katherine said...

I'm looking forward to more crockpot dinners, casseroles, and soup. I LOVE Fall.
Hope the interview went well!!

lindsey said...

fall has been in the air all summer long here! but it truly SMELLS like fall now. crisp mornings, warm afternoon sun, falling leaves. all the students are back in session. bring on the apple cider and pumpkin soup. although i hope dan's is better than mine. i made it way back when i first got married and to this day, i never hear the end of it.


Amy said...

You always look so beautiful in your photos. I am completely in love with you clothes too.