Saturday, August 29, 2009

Treasure Hunt Friday

One of my favorite things about Washington is that they have yard sales on Friday.
Dad Morris, Dan, Bono Baby and I were on the hunt for treasures this morning.
Dan found this Italian leather satchel for $2.00.
Score, it will look so nice with his elbow patched tweed jacket.

I bought him this crane for his office.
It reminds us of our time in Mississippi.

Dad Morris found this Lionel Christmas train for get this, $3.00.
That's right, batteries included.
Bono Baby wasn't too sure about the train.
He wasn't too happy when his toy monkey ended up inside the tracks.

Bono Baby warmed up to the new train and he and his monkey were reunited.

It was a good day.
We spent a total of $6.50.

p.s. I bought one more thing but it is a surprise for someone.
It's super cute and it's going to make this special someone very happy.

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Katherine said...

I knew you were going on a treasure hunt this week and I was excited to see what you would find. I love the picture of my dad with the train and Baby Bono. I'm amazed that you only spent $6.50.
We just had a yard sale today. It felt good when it was over, although Doug is the one who did all of the work.