Friday, August 07, 2009

Tom Waits In A Nova?

We spent our day out in the Tennessee sun in Cades Cove.

Daniel introduced me to The Smoky Mountains and I fell in love with them. He would say he brought them to the marriage. I can't wait to see them in the springtime so I can say I've seen all of their seasons. Fall is still my favorite.

We always get a photo of Daniel next to the cable mill. Mom Morris is from this part of the country and we love hearing her stories about growing up here. We also love that she is full of stories about the people who lived here long ago and we like to remember those stories when we're in the cove.

I love this little house.
Mom Morris shared her coverlet collection with me this summer.
I like to imagine what it would be like living in this little home cuddled up under one of those beautiful coverlets. I'm sure I've romanticized it.

I'm so excited about our road trip Polaroid project.

We picnicked next to a creek and watched little children play on the slippery rocks.
We ended our day with a scoop of ice cream from the same shop that Dan's Mommy went to as a child.

It was a lovely day.
Note: Bono Baby, if you are looking at this with your Grandpa Morris, we want you to know that we miss you so so so so so so much and we LOVE you.


Anonymous said...

You were in Tennessee and did not stop by Mississippi to visit us? We miss you guys!


Katherine said...

Yea! You're blogging from your big trip. I didn't know if you would or not, so I thought I would check. How fun to go to Cades Cove. I would LOVE to be there. Your pictures are great. The last one is such a pretty picture of you too.