Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Picnic

We went to a grand picnic in North Bend today.
It was lovely.

I thought it was so thoughtful that our hosts served veggie burgers.
Sometimes that doesn't happen and I end up with lots of salad and a bun with cheese.

Dan loved that Mount Si was in the background.
He hiked to the top when he was in scouts.
He also ran into a few guys that he grew up with.
One of them called him by his nickname from that time, Smiley.
I think that's funny since Dan will rarely smile in one of my photo's.
Too Cute.

Bono Baby didn't get to go to the picnic but don't worry he went on his very own little adventure afterwards.
He went to the Train Depot for a walkabout.
I've decided that he likes trains since he made friends with one yesterday.

Fritzi Marie

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Katherine said...

That's right. Smiley doesn't smile very much for your pictures. He's smiling on the inside though. He can't help it. I love that Mt. Si is in the background too. I wish I could have eaten a veggie burger with you. :)