Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Happy

Bono Baby makes me HAPPY.

What makes you happy this morning?


trippin said...

two sticky little boys running around the house and mooching all my cream of wheat

Anonymous said...

Finding my truck title in the midst of all the boxes in my storage unit.


Anonymous said...

Being safe in my home away from the raging fires just a short distance from here.....Mommy

Anonymous said...

Not much made me happy this morning or all day...grump grump

Anonymous said...

WAIT..I made matt an egg in a frame this morning. He calls them egg in a picture frame. 'Annie can you make me an egg in a picture frame?' I laugh and laugh. How could I say no!

Kitty said...

Horray for Egg in a Frame breakfast. They always make me happy.

love love love,


p.s. I love reading what makes you guys happy. It makes me happy.