Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy As A Duck In Water

Bono Baby made some new little ducky friends last night. He thought they were very polite.

I was missing home so Daniel took me to Trader Joe's for a Pasadena salad. Then we had a picnic next to the duck pond.

Bono sat still long enough for me to get this profile shot. Isn't he the most amazingly beautiful creature? I'm so in LOVE with him. I have big plans to use this photo for an upcoming project. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Tuesday Dear Friends


Anonymous said...

just FYI...I've got big plans for you, dan and bono! I'd do just about anything to get my sisser, bono and hubby dan back home!

Don't you worry sister! Beep Beep is on the case!

Kristen said...

Happy Tuesday to YOU! We are making homemade Oreos for birthday treats and getting our house spic and span! I miss you friend, wish we could go out for a drink and chat.

Katherine said...

That IS a great picture of Bono. Hope things are cooling down up there for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Are you prepared for your journey eastward? I would like a getaway right now. I dread the possible surgery that CJ has to go through. After all, this seems like de ja vu......knowing what I and you children know, running away seems like a good option. But, that is selfish and CJ has to be taken care of during his recovery. He is in so much pain with his back, he can barely walk to the "necessities". He was given a blessing last evening. The blessing was lovely and uplifting. Keep blogging....it highlights my day! I love you. Mommy

Kitty said...


I'm there for you and Dad CJ in a quick minute if you need me.

I love you,