Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 37th Birthday Daniel

37 Things that Make Me Happy
by Dan

1. Kitty
2. Crepuscular light
3. Bratwursts
4. Hotdogs
5. A hamburger cooked by Jim Hinton
6. Crawfish
7. Properly cooked grits
8. Driving at sunset
9. Kitty calling me on the phone
10. Bono (the dog)
11. A poem that illuminates the mundane in such a way as to cause pause
12. Cooking with butter
13. Mississippi Barbeque
14. Standing on the edge of the continent
15. Standing in the middle of a Northwest forest
16. Eating blackberries from the bush
17. Floating in the middle of an alpine lake
18. Walking amidst miles of sagebrush
19. Driving along the Pacific Coast
20. Kitty wanting to go for a drive
21. Kitty wanting to go out for a soda
22. Richard Hugo’s poetry
23. B.H. Fairchild’s poetry
24. Jack Gilbert’s poetry
25. Theodore Roethke’s poetry
26. An art museum on a slow day
27. Libraries
28. Bookstores
29. Apple Fritters
30. In-n-Out
31. Dick’s Drive-in
32. Standing on the prow of a ferry on the Puget Sound
33. Evergreens
34. Bookshelves filled with interesting books
35. Wood
36. Cool Pacific Northwest summer evening air
37. Kitty on the passenger seat


lindsey said...

HAPPY, HAPPY birthday wishes dan! love everything that made your list. sending you virtual drinks and cake and hoping the day is extra magical (and that it doesn't take forever to blow ALL those candles out)!!! :)


lindsey said...

p.s. - i forgot to mention how adorable that picture is!

Midge said...

Happy Birthday Dan!
I hope you can enjoy as many of those things as possible this coming year.
Again I'm a little slow on the draw but something is coming for you, hopefully they will put my name on it this time.
Tell Kat to give you a hug from me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Dan! Kat lucked out in finding a great guy like you!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Dan! We're going to Disneyland to celebrate your birthday today. Too bad you can't come with us. I love you.

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Dan. I hope that you have a very very happy birthday. You're the best uncle.
Tyler D. Nelson

Unknown said...

dan, that list is one of the best lists I have ever seen. i love it!!!!!!

happy birthday, friend. I'm getting ready to celebrate Jake's 37th, too.