Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friend Making Friday

My dear friend Pam and I went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo today.
We made so many new little friends.

I loved meeting all the birds. My favorite was named Max.
I think my love of birds stems from my love of the Tiki Hut.
Fritz is my favorite Tiki Hut birdie.

Speaking of the Enchanted Tiki Room, my sister-in-law has a recipe for a pinapple surprize drink like the ones you can get outside of the Tiki Hut.
Maybe, she'll let me post it.
Pretty please Katherine?

Pam and I had a lovely day out in the sun with all our new friends.
Thank goodness for FRIENDS.

Fritzi Marie


Katherine said...

Fun!! I still haven't been there. I would LOVE to share the Pineapple Whip recipe because I love it so. I'll e-mail it. We're planning to make it this weekend.

Katherine said...

Oops---it's actually called DOLE Whip. Gotta give credit to the pineapple people.

Kristen said...

PLEASE Katherine! I've been dreaming of that drink all summer long with not getting close at all to replicating it!

Parker said...


Katherine, thank you so much for sharing the recipe with me.

I will share it with all of our friends on Monday or Tuesday.

Kristen, you are going to love it. It really does taste just like the Tiki Hut smoothie drink.

love you both,