Monday, August 10, 2009

Four States Down

We made it to Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri this weekend.
We went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky.

I am in LOVE with Louisville, Kentucky.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe was a good time. We had a long wait but the breakfast food was good and we left happy. How could you not in a place like this?

Lynn has a competition for the ugliest lamp.
Some of them weren't that bad but some were really ugly.

I met a new Kentucky friend.

We made a quick stop in St. Louis. I reminisced about when I went up in the gateway arch. I was 10 I think and it scared me to death.

I wished that my not so secret crush Adam Richman would come out carrying me a milkshake.
That would have made my whole trip.
Fritzi Marie


lindsey said...

mark and i had the same visceral reaction when we went through louisville - especially the neighborhood around lynn's paradise cafe. am loving all these photos and posts. but am craving malted milkshakes now!


Anonymous said...

there's great art in Kansas City, Missouri. you may already be past there, but if not, it is worth seeing. at least 2 REALLY good museums.

Katherine said...

I remember the story of you going up the Gateway Arch. You guys make everything look so fun. Now I really want to go there too. I love checking in to see where you all are each day. Thanks for blogging.

Kristen said...

Looks like a fun trip! We will be going through STL and Nashville on our way to Atlanta next month. Staying the night in Tupelo, MS at my friend Cori's on the way home. I'll say hi to MS for you!

Anonymous said...

Today is Tuesday, Aug. 11 and where are you today. Have you made it to Mt. Rushmore? How is Bono? Did Dan decide? Call sometime, okay? Love, Mother