Monday, August 17, 2009

Degrees of Grey in Philipsburg

Montana is beautiful. Dan took me to Philipsburg. He likes to go there because Richard Hugo wrote a poem about it. Most of you probably already know that Dan is a fan of poetry.

We stopped in to Doe Brothers Soda Fountain for a treat.

I also like a good ice cream cone when I'm stressed out.
I'm detoxing now that I'm home.

I liked playing footsie with Daniel while sitting at the bar stools.

Philipsburg is a cute little town. The drive there was the best thing about it.

I think we started to feel a little better when we got closer to the Northwest.

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Katherine said...

I love that soda fountain place. I need to visit more cool places like that. I need you and Dan to show me where they are---you have a knack for finding cool things.